Thursday, February 12, 2009

Why am I an autism advocate?

Thank you to Christine Heeren of Lighthouse Studios of NY for permission to use the photo.

UPDATE: I just learned that the Sheriff's dept is trying very hard to treat Sky well and help him. That's great news. And his family is in touch with some of the best advocates in the country for Sky. (How'd that happen?) ;)

I wrote a piece for an online newspaper in NE Ohio (HERE) - there's a terrible case going on - an 18 year old boy with autism is accused of beating his mother to death. I wrote an opinion piece about it. And now more than 25,000 people have read it in a matter of oh, minutes. I hope millions read it.

I will never give up trying to help my girls. Today is a tough day - there were three major autism/vaccine cases that lost. I know the Mom of one of the girls. The child has life threatening seizures 24/7, can not walk, speak or feed herself. I ache for her.

Here's what the editor of the site wrote in a comment at Age of Autism.

"I wanted to take the time to thank Kim for the article. We just published it this morning and it has already seen over 25,000 page views, worldwide.
I can tell you that public officials in Portage County do read E-Portage.Us, so you may want to considering posting your thoughts under the article on the site.

Thank you again,
Sal PiteraEditorE-Portage.Us"


Petra said...

"Standing Ovation"...

Jenn said...

Excellent article!

Amanda said...

Well said.

A little too close to home though, school already don't know what to do with Bear, now age 10, and you have just excavated my head from the sand.

Thankfully we don't have this level of behaviour - Bear is a very loving, beautiful little girl.

Stacy Quarty said...

A great article. Thanks for sharing your experience and enlightening others.

Laura said...

Kim, you're amazing! Just some positive feedback for you on this otherwise depressing day.

michele i. said...

Love ya Kim.

Michelle O'Neil said...


Oh, and you are beautiful.

Kim Stagliano said...

Thanks to my Michelle's and Michele's.

It's funny, the ND's accuse me/us of hating people with autism and wanting to harm them. Ha! They should only know what we do. Idiots.