Saturday, December 01, 2007

What is the opposite of the Midas Touch you ask? (Pretend you asked. I'm in a piss poor mood and I'll bite your head off if you don't play along. Ask my headless husband.)

Give up? The opposite of the Midas Touch is the Merdes Touch. That's when everything you touch turns to shit. Clever, aren't I? Not so much.

So tomorrow I'll go to the event where I'm on the panel and be my usual cheery self. The "Oh, how do you do it all?" woman everyone sees. Tonight? I shall grumble and complain.

I did make a great dinner though. I'll blog the recipe later. Yummy GFCF chicken breast cutlets with spinach and mushrooms. And, well, our tree is up and that's always cheery. And the girls are freshly showered and Mark dried their hair. And Bella was very cute today. And Mark looks quite handsome. And my Mom called to say "Hi" which is always nice. Because you always need your Mom. And my bathrooms sparkle because Bella and I have been sitting in them for hours at time waiting for Mr. Tinkle to come on out and play and so I've cleaned every square of tile on the floors and walls and every nook and cranny of the toilet. And I have a kick ass pair of Sevens to wear tomorrow so I don't look so much like a dorky old Mom at the college event. And well, I really do have a lot to be grateful for when I think about it.

Nah, I'd rather piss and moan. Until I jump in bed with THIS as soon as the kids go to bed. Tomorrow I will be my cheery self. Promise.


Ahvarahn said...

Kim - me, I call it the shite-ass touch, but I am Irish, aren't I?.

I made Chicken Marsala tonight, very Italian of me, and I pounded chicken, and falmbe'd too, and kept the kitchen intact, and fire alarms quiet. My M is sick; she need treats, but to be fair, I do this quite often; I cook, and she likes ‘me cook’, only now, at times like this, I add honey to her tea.

Seeing you in sevens tomorrow (today); go girl! keep her lit.

'keep her lit' is another Irishism that is, more or less, encouragement for one who has found strength and is giving it all hell. Usually for a fiddler, or another musician, or whatnot in a bit of a party, but it's you it is.

'Keep her lit', Kim,
Be well,

amanda said...

Sending you happy vibes Kim!

You are allowed to have a off day you know, it keeps you human. Well, that's what I tell myself when I feel like the whole day is going down the sh@*er!

Sounds like you need some Kim time - which is NOT doing talks/autism/kids/home stuff.

Kathryn said...

I'm getting that book.

Laura said...

Good luck getting your regular charming self on at the event today! I was working the Merdes Touch a ton last week. Now I have a catchy new name for those shitty days! Thanks, Kim!

Artemisia said...

I do think Merdes Touch is clever. This entire fall has been one been Merdes Touch.

Report back on the book, it looks great.

13 said...

"The "Oh, how do you do it all?" woman everyone sees"

That, I'm afraid, is one hundred percent your fault. At least in the pictures you post, you always have a vibrant, beautiful smile, so I'm not sure what else we can think. Exept "how does she do it all"? If it's a problem, you'll just have to practice frowny, scowly faces. Start growling more. Grrr. Like that.

Kim Stagliano said...

Touche, 13. The event was terrific by the way. And make sure you read John's blog about the Billie the Kidd movie.

Scowl? I have the Grand Canyon running through my forehead - oh I am a champion scowler.

Keeping her lit! (love that.)