Friday, December 21, 2007

Merry Christmas, friends. Happy Holidays to all. See you around the 27th.

Posted later: Are you horribly grumpy? I am. Oh yes. My Christmas spirit is currently in the form of Hellraiser. Maybe Chucky. Question. Are you the kind of person who decorates your car? I just saw a VW Beetle with antlers sticking out of the back windows. WTF? Do you, lady (I assume it's a lady, few self respecting men drive Beetles, let's face it.) have SO much time on your hands that you can decorate your CAR??? Instead of eggnog and joy I'm full of piss and vinegar today. Kids came home. We had to run out to pick up my car - got the tires checked. Do you want to know how long it took Mark and me to get the three kids into shoes and socks and then into his car? They're used to getting in my my minivan. The Altima blew them away. Which door? How does it open? Who gets in first? Second? Third? Which door again? You mean we have to get into this car? Where's "our" car? Who gets in first? I finally collapsed laughing, "Mark would anyone believe us if they saw this? 20 minutes to drive 2 minutes up the road to pick up our car?" We shared a good chuckle. OK, maybe my mood isn't so bad. And the antlers were kind of cute. For a Beetle. But don't touch my black minivan with decorations come holiday time. I'm just not that kind of girl.

Merry Holidays. I think it's Eid, yes? Happy Eid too.

Poster Later Later: Mood worsening. Hey, school Mom who sends home holiday goodie bags full of cheap painted Chinese toys. Turn off All My Children and turn on CNN. Lead much?



Ahvarahn said...

You think your day was bad? I was left some banana bread by a secret person. Either they are a secret admirer (totally nuts in other words) or someone is trying to poison me (totally nuts in other words). And since I'm very fond of all things edible, I am freaking out right now; I'm going to take it home and in a manner befitting a bomb disposal expert, I will unwrap it carefully, say to hell with it, and get stuck in. Yum!

Thanks for the car idea. I would love a fake reindeer, attached to the front of my car that looks like it is pulling me. I'd stick my arm out the window waving and shouting Yo Ho Ho!

Have a tremendous Christmas Kim, Mark and the girls. Best of luck for 2008.


Kim Stagliano said...

Someone left you Banana bread? Clearly not a Kim blog reader, therefore not worth discovering the secret. I'd have sent you Jaffa Cakes if I weren't in such a vile mood.

Merry Christmas to you too my Irish friend. :)


Michelle O'Neil said...

Merry Christmas Kim. We saw Alvin today and thought of you.

"Kiss my hairy cheeks." was the take home line.

But my girl went to the movie! She smiled the whole time and didn't cover her ears. She had fun!

Drama Mama said...

Happy Holidays to your drop-dead gorgeous family.

Those are some stunning children.

(And the parents are pretty cute, too!)

Here's to the new year -!

Tammie said...

I love reading your blog - you always make me smile and laugh "turn off All my children and turn on cnn"

Aaaahh I'm still laughing.

Have a Merry Christmas!

Manic Mom said...

Oh, Happy Holidays Kim! You had me laughing on the All My CHildren comment, and WE saw a car with a GD Christmas tree SPROUTING OUT OF THE FREAKING ROOFTOP and all sorts of ornaments hot-glue gunned to it the other day. I sooo wish I was Swishy-esque, stalkerish in that I had my camera and could have followed it for a blog photo!

Hope you had a great day on Christmas, nonetheless!

Here's to gluten-free goodies and writing success in '08!

Amanda's ar enough away not to get hit said...

Kim, it was two miles. Why didn't you walk and leave the kids at home with Mark?

Kim Stagliano said...

Amanda! CYBER SMACK! :) Happy Boxing day or whatever day it is over there.

amanda said...

CYBER OUCH!! :( (teehee!)

It's now 29th so half way between Boxing Day and Hogmanay. Kind of the eye of the storm....