Friday, November 30, 2007

Kim Likes Westerns? NO!
But "BILLY THE KID" Looks Aspergian Cool.

Added, 12/2. So I had lunch with John R. today before our event at Elms. The event was terrific and I'll blog it later. John got an advance copy of the movie! And he says it is very powerful. The way he described it, in spite of his calm Aspergian manner, tells me it's a tearjerker for us Moms.

One of the best things about living so close to New York is getting to know the events that are happening in the city - even if I can't get to them, which is most of the time. But I can tell YOU about them! And chances are you are far more unfettered than I. So maybe you can go!

There's a new documentary movie called BILLY THE KID that's won a boatload of awards about (drumroll please) a kid with Aspergers Syndrome. How appropriate I found it right when I'm speaking with the newly famous Aspergian John Robison!

If you can go to the event on December 5th in NYC please report back on the movie! I'm eager to know how it presents Aspergers and whether it's a one, two or three hankie flick.


amanda said...

or laugh 'til you get tummyache as they got it SOOOO wrong of course

drama mama said...

Damn it. You've got Billy the Kid AND Robison?

I've gotta move East.

Michelle O'Neil said...

Would love to see it. Have you seen Normal People Scare Me? It is a movie co-directed by a teen with autism. There is a second movie by the same company for sibs of kids on the spectrum. Both are very powerful.

Kim Stagliano said...

John Robison has seen it. And said it is painfully accurate. I'd say a box full of tissues is in order.

The talk at ELMS with John was great. I'll blog it tomorrow. Back to the darn toilet with Bella....

Chiemi Karasawa said...


Thanks for your hints! Please do try to come to the film, we have a 2 WEEK engagement at the IFC Center (6th Ave @ West 3rd St) and will be held over if we do well. Also, good b.o. attendance will help us open in other cities, etc. Visit to get more info on DVD availability and to sign up on the mailing list for all the news. Important to note that while the film is especially poignant for Aspergians, there is humor... and a love story. It doesn't focus on any diagnosis, it just allows Billy to be the hero he is. Should you miss the film, e/m me:

Cheers and thanks for blogging!