Friday, November 16, 2007

Jenny McCarthy Bares All in CDC Call!

I knew that headline would encourage you to read the article....

So my caterpillar is now a butterfly. I am Managing Editor of a new site called,
AGE OF AUTISM. Nationally acclaimed former UPI journalist Dan Olmsted is our editor. Here's our latest scoop:

The beautiful, funny, autism Mom/best selling author/actress named Jenny McCarthy called the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) LIVE during her presentation at the National Autism Association Conference last weekend in Atlanta.

Age of Autism has the five minute phone call on videotape!

You'll need the free
Apple QuickTime Software download software to watch the clip.The five minute clip takes a few seconds to download and the audio synch is a bit off, but you'll get the jist of her call.

Jenny is NOT letting the CDC off the hook when it comes to vaccines and the autism epidemic. She has the brains, the beauty and a platform that's even higher than her heels to get her message out.

A couple of weeks ago, an autism Mom sort of rolled her eyes when I mentioned Jenny's book
Louder Than Words and asked me, "Do you think she's the real deal?" Yes I do. She spent three days at the conference, meeting parents, signing books and DVD's and made time for the many kids with autism who were there with their parents.

You know, another big name in autism likes to say, "Autism knocked on the wrong door." But Jenny McCarthy has put her MOUTH where her money is. (And what a mouth it is!) My money (what little is left after caring for my three children with autism) is on Jenny McCarthy.
Go, Jenny, go! And thank you, "Sweetie."

(Thank you to the folks at
FAIR and Life Is My Movie for creating the file for Age of Autism.)


Michelle O'Neil said...

It is a terrific new site Kim. You should be very proud.

Can't wait to give Jenny's call a listen after I get the morning hustle done.


Kim Stagliano said...

Thanks, Michelle. It's a labor of love, passion, frustration, determination and defiance. I've often talked about what makes some of us autism Mom's "our way" and some other ways? I've been a digger, ready to put up my dukes (not my daisy dukes, my fists) a questioner, a mouthy babe since I was a teeny tiny tot. I've never been complacent or accepted much of what my "elders" told me. I always demanded proof. And here I am, in the center of the autism fight for my kids and thousands of others. I'm not terribly "God'ish" although I'm Catholic, but there does seem to be a plan that was set in motion 44years ago this December 28th....

Kathryn Johansen said...

Love the new site, Kim. Proud of all the gutsy autism moms.

Roni said...

THAT WAS AWESOME! Thank you for posting the Jenny video. I am forwarding your link to everyone I know.

By the way, I would love to talk to you. I own a company called We are the only company that provides frozen, ready-to-cook gluten and casein-free entrees, sides and baked goods to families all over the country. We use organic produce and hormone/antibiotic/steroid-free meat.

You're site is great. We are big supporters of Jenny and the autism community. I have my family on the GFCF diet as well. My son suffers from ADHD and I am proud to say that he no longer takes Ritalin because of the diet and the DAN protocol. Please contact me so we can chat.

Warm regards,

Roni Piterman

Manic Mom said...

I read it. I commented, but not sure if it went through, so here's what I wrote:

OK!!! WOW!!! I watched the whole thing and am amazed at the grace and poise and 'GO-GET-'EM-GIVE-'EM-HELL-NESS' of Miss Jenny McCarthy!!!!

I remember her from the days of Playboy and MTV's Singled Out. Just watching her these few minutes shows me she has found her passion and I hope (and feel she is on her way, really!) she will succeed in her quest to change the policies to make and keep children well!!!

I totally got goosebumps watching her and her emotions were so touching! Kim, thanks for bringing this news to us, and congrats to you for your new and very impressive gig! Like Jenny, I know you will go far in the fight to educate on autism! THANKS!!!

OK, and just for fun, my word verification was otbut...


Kim Stagliano said...

Otbut is what a cockney Englishman calls your butt. It's an 'Ot butt. :)

Anonymous said...

I just finished reading this book. McCarthy claims one of her friend's child regressed after receiving the "Hep. C" vaccine. (there is no such vaccine) She also claims (in the back of the book) that CARD is the "only national organization" to do home based early intervention ABA. Also not true. There is Lovaas, Autism Partnership and others. Did she bother to check facts before this book was published?

Jen P said...

I watched this with The Hub. I finally watched the Jenny takes on YouTube and did slightly change my opinion of her. This video supported that change of heart too. The Hub sarcastically commented though, "Dads must like the toxins in the vaccines." I guess it is true that the male counterparts in the "autism parents" equation get a little neglected or maybe there needs to be a male hollywood star to come forth. Thanks for posting this. Do you know how it turned out?

Anonymous said...

Autism Vox blog did a nice job pointing out the misinformation in this book. Additionally, Jenny claims that she must have been the "chosen one" to write this book. Full of herself ins't she? I'd say she is full of something else.

Although I believe in biomedical interventions, McCarthy would be the LAST person I would listen to. Her foul mouth and trashing of her husband (yet compliments herself endlessly) shows her maturity level. How does anyone find this person a role model?