Saturday, January 01, 2011

Kim Stagliano Asks: Is this the face of Dr. Paul Offit's "Deadly Threats: How the Anti-Vaccine Movement Threatens Us All"?

Mia was not meant to have autism. She was not born with autism. We vaccinated her into autism. Period. And I will fight for vaccine SAFETY until I die. Demanding safety is NOT anti-vaccine. FYI. Read my book to find out more. I explain how Dr. Offit (who has new book out by the title in my headline) holds the vaccine patent for a Merck vaccine - RotaTeq, that is now on the pediatric vax schedule. He makes money every time a child gets his shot. Have you ever heard of RotaVirus? Does it strike fear into your heart? I doubt it, since you probably live in the first world and have clean water and anti-biotics and medical care and Pedialyte.
Why is his vax on the schedule? Well the CDC under Dr. Julie Gerberding approved it. And where is Dr. Gerberding now? Oh, she's the head of the Merck Vaccine Division. And Merck sells RotaTeq, Dr. Offit's shot. Nifty.


Ambra said...

Scary world we live in right now...


Sandy said...

My autistic daughter had rotavirus. I'm sure it can be very dangerous, but it was not deadly. And, believe it or not, it affected one of her symptoms of autism.

She's been autistic since birth (pretty sure it was amalgam dental work done a month before she was born 9 weeks premature.) One of her symptoms she had, up to having the rotavirus, was that she would NEVER put her arms around us or lay flat on our chests. So, for example, as an 8 month old, when I held her on my hip, she ALWAYS had both of her arms in front of her. She NEVER put one arm around us (and it still stings when I see a baby being held that way and he/she naturally has one arm around the parent). But, remarkably, when she was so ill and weak with the rotavirus, she gladly lay on us with her arms around us (and she's continued to do it to this day). It was like heaven! And she was nearly 2 when this happened.

I'm not saying I wish the rotavirus on anyone. We did have to take her to the ER two days in a row to get fluids in her. But I'm really not sure what she'd be like right now if she hadn't had it.