Thursday, January 06, 2011

Dr. Andrew Wakefield: The New Report is Not New or True

By now you've heard the news, "autism MMR study fraudulent!" I won't get to into it here, but I can tell you what I'm sharing with the media.

The timing of the BMJ report is suspect - the Wakefield GMC case closed last Spring. However, Dr. Paul Offit, co-inventor of the Merck RotaTeq vaccine, has a new book out called "Deadly Choices: How the Anti-vaccine movement Threatens Us all." If RotaTeq sounds familiar to parents, that is because Dr. Julie Gerberding former head of the CDC in Atlanta placed it on the pediatric vaccine schedule during her tenure. Your baby now receives three doses of this oral vaccine. Dr. Gerberding is now the current President of the Merck Vaccine Division, which manufactures RotaTeq.

In December, right before Christmas I might add, the US Vaccine court released the news that a family whom I happen to know won in vaccine court. Young Elias Tembenis died as a result of the epilepsy caused by this routine childhood vaccination - in his case the DTaP – (please see this report and link to the US Vaccine court document HERE. His parents did not receive any phone calls from the media.

Vaccine injury is real. Just as childhood diseases are real. The barrage against Dr. Wakefield is an unvarnished attempt to convince the American public that there is an "anti-vaccine" movement, while ignoring that American children are chronically sicker than ever and autism now hobbles at least 1% of American children. Parents have every right to demand vaccine safety and honest science - without those who have a financial interest controlling the conversation. The push to convince parents that vaccines are always safe has become a juggernaut - that alone should raise questions, especially as we see daily examples of how the pharmaceutical industry has compromised product safety for profit.

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Jenn G. said...

Money talks, and our children are the victims of a powerful medical industry. My son was a preemie with a weak immune system and a immature gut, and yet no one thought it might be an issue that he was given the same vaccines and doses as a healthy child. It has taken us three years, thousands of dollars, and blood, sweat, and tears to try to help mend his injuries. I will never get any of that back, nor will I ever know what it is like to spend a day with him that doesn't revolve around his supplements. For the media and the government to act like my story and the stories of others aren't true sickens me. I have lived it! The whole thing is unreal and beyond insulting!