Saturday, January 01, 2011

All I Can Handle I'm No Mother Teresa?
The 11:11 Angels will Help

Happy New Year, friends! It's 1/1/11 - eleven is the Angel's Number. It's all very new agey, Indigo Child-ey (I have two Indigos and a Crystal by the way) but darn if it doesn't ring true.

11:11 on the clock means an angel is watching over you. I used to see 11:11 all the time as a kid. It disappeared when we lived in Ohio and I forgot about it. That's when the Handle part of my book title started to become unhandleable (I think I made that word up.)

A good friend, our Chiropractor, had a cancer scare - and emergency surgery. We were heartbroken to think he might have a very serious illness. He had taken such good care of Mia, he was more than a doctor to us, he and his family were dear to us. I was driving on Hines Hill Road, next to the old "Bad Boy School" which has since closed when I saw 11:11am for the first time in years. And instantly, a voice said to me, "He's OK. Trust us. He's OK." Later that day, I got the call his tumor was benign, removed and he was indeed, OK.

Cherish your 11:11 moments. Keep your eyes out for your angels. Remember how mine got me safely out of the house when the robbers broke in last Spring? That was a real voice that spoke to me. They exist for all of us, makes no matter religion. In fact, I'd dare say religion holds them back, boxes them in. Just let yourself welcome them. They are the energy of love and protection for all.

Happy New Year.


Anonymous said...

love it! i have always seen 11:11, kim. i love how it pops up when i least expect it. you are an indigo, and all THREE of your kids are crystal!

did you send the book plates? i know you have been busy. let me know if you need me to tell you the girls names again. thanks,a

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing that story and your life with us, Kim. You may not realize it, but you are an "angel" in the autism community. Wishing you good health and happiness in 2011.