Thursday, August 06, 2009

Joan Rivers Roast! Mad Men Returns!

I'm not a big TV viewer. But August has a couple of highlights. On Sunday the 9th, Comedy Central is airing the Joan Rivers Roast. I really like Joan Rivers. She's on Howard Stern pretty frequently and is just so damn funny. And honest. I love that. And when I went to her book signing last Spring, she was gracious and kind to us - Bella was having a meltdown and we were allowed to skip up the line. My agent happens to be very good friend with Ms. Rivers.

And Season 3 of Mad Men begins on the 16th. Mark and I are big Mad Men fans. Yesterday, I bought a dress that is so very Mad Men - check it out! IO have a few opportunities to wear it this summer, and it was 75% off. Kimmie doesn't buy $328 dresses... But $80 dresses? Yes indeed! Another connection? My agent also represents Bryan Batt who plays Sal Romano on Mad Men.

And I'm meeting my publisher and editor next week with my agent. I'm rather giddy about it, I admit it. I'm not above reveling in the sheer joy of selling this book. I bought a dress for that meeting too. Also on sale. Much more NY sedate - navy blue w/ prim retro cream trim. I'll wear it this Fall at a conference where I'm presenting too, most likely.

There, now you know what's new in my closet. Aren't you tickled Lilly pink? :)


Anonymous said...

i wouldn't have pegged you for a lilly girl! the dress is adorable!

by next year, joan rivers will be bragging that her friend is your agent :)

Full Soul Ahead! said...

Everything about this post tickles me!

P.S. We'll be waiting for the pictures of you in the dresses.

Kim Rossi Stagliano said...

Jess, neither do I usually! Although I did attend prep school - I'm not overly preppy. this caught me because it is SO retro - you'd have to see it in person. It says, "Would you like another Tom Collins, Ma'am?"

Michelle - sometimes it's good to be girly. I rarely have the time, money or motivation. Meetings and parties will motivate me though.

Word ver? Rotate - hmmmm?

Drama Mama said...

i love me some lilly

i feel like drinking a gin fizz and wearing my hair in a bump and smoking a long capri type cigarette and lounging around a concrete patio with pool...eyeliner extended out to *there*.

but seriously? so exciting, kim.


Amanda said...

Love the frock!

Just catchin' up after the school hols (ONE DAY to go!!) and no internet connection....