Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Citizen power CDC Town Hall Meetings on H1N1 Virus and Vaccine

Thanks to Ginger Taylor of Adventures in Autism for this link to Flu Wiki. I don't know who runs the
FluWiki site, or who the author of this info, drd1106 is, but the info is worth sharing so you can attend a meeting in your area.

When it comes to vaccinating yourself or your child for H1N1 or any disease, you deserve to be informed, not scared (by either side of the debate, mind you.) From FluWiki:

This is an international website intended to remain accessible to as many people as possible. The opinions expressed here are those of the individual posters who remain solely responsible for the content of their messages.

The use of good judgement during the discussion of controversial issues would be greatly appreciated.

CDC's 10 Public Engagement Meetings Set
by: drd1106
Sat Aug 01, 2009 at 10:53:56 AM EDT

I first heard about these meetings on the NVAC conference call on Monday, but the meetings had not been set. They are now and you can get more information at
http://www.keystone.org/H1N1. YOU MUST REGISTER NOW TO ATTEND. Go to the website to register.

The meeting schedule is:

Denver, Colorado, Saturday, August 8
Lincoln, Nebraska, Saturday, August 8
Vincennes, Indiana, Saturday, August 15
Birmingham, Alabama, Saturday, August 15
Sacramento, California, Saturday, August 15
El Paso, Texas, Saturday, August 22
El Paso, Texas, sábado 22 de agosto del 2009

Additional meetings are being planned in the following cities. Please check back frequently for registration information.

Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Saturday, August 22
New York, New York, Saturday, August 22
Somerville, Massachusetts, Saturday, August 29
Spokane, Washington, Saturday, August, 29

This info was deeply buried, so I don't know how people will find out about these meetings.

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