Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Nissan Is a Car Company of Idiots Whose Dealers are Panic Stricken.

Are all car companies managed by morons??? Listen to this - Mark leased an Altima 3 years ago. The lease is up this week. (Good timing! We can be a one car family while he is out of work and save $$$)

He had the car inspected (no damage at all.) He's ready to turn in the car.

First, we inquired as to the buyout and tried to negotiate a better deal (the residual value today is way too high compared to the market value given the state of the car industry.) We thought Nissan would want to just get rid of the car - and maybe my parents could buy it. Nissan does not negotiate residual value. Fini. They'd rather send the car to an auction. Ok, whatever. We're not paying to buy out an overpriced car.

Next - it used to be that the lease company came and picked up your car to take it to auction after the lease was up. Now you have to take it to a dealer - BUT TODAY THE DEALER HAS TO ACCEPT IT. And Mark has not found a Nissan Dealer willing to take his car! I swear to God. Our lease is up. We met our obligation. And we've no where to take the car! How on earth is that possible???? It's no longer ours! But the dealers don't want any more inventory. NOT MY PROBLEM.

So on Thursday Mark and I will be dropping off his car at some lucky Nissan dealer in Fairfield County. I don't know which one. But you might read about them in the paper the next day after I rip them a new tailpipe.....


Michelle O'Neil said...

Oh Lord.

Kim Stagliano said...

He found a dealership today. Nice Italian joint locally. Paisans! I no longer feel compelled to kneecap someone today. For now!

RJeff said...

Too bad stupidity isn't painful.