Monday, November 24, 2008

Holiday Book Gift Ideas

Share your favorite authors in the comments, won't you? Books are relatively inexpensive, provide hours of entertainment, can be shared and can kill spiders and other creepy crawlies when necessary. Such versatility!

If you're a writer, whether agented or published or not, we ALL need to support the industry so that 2009 will bring more deals for all. Grab this photo and blog "I'm buying books for the holidays" won't you please??
I just bought several books over the weekend for my sister, my Mom, my nephews and I expect to buy more. How else can you spend under $20 for a gift and yet give something of value and with longevity??

Some favorites: Patricia Wood's Lottery, Kimberly Willis Holt's Piper Reed kids' books (I love that kid!), Chris Grabenstein's adult and YA books, Holly Kennedy's wonderful women's fiction, Heather Brewer's YA "Vlad Tod" vampire books, Jenny Gardiner's "Sleeping With Ward Cleaver" (great gift for your BFF!) and so many others!!!
Happy Shopping!


ORION said...

Awww...Thanks...hey I even do personalized book plates FREE if you email me in time before Christmas...
If have someone who doesn't read I give them picture books in a subject they like ( or a how to book...
or a humor book...

K Fuller said...

That is a great idea. Thanks.
I am going to BDalton and get gift cards.

Holly Kennedy said...

Yew rock, girl!
Thanks for recommending my work.

Email me offline with an update.
It's been a while. ie., where are things at on the writing side in your corner of the world?!

Amanda said...

Over half my Xmas list is books recommended by Kim - including yours Orion!!

Sleeping with Ward Cleaver said...

You're a sweetheart to include me kim! And you're right on--a little book goes a LONG way. A book is a really cheap date!

Michelle O'Neil said...

Love giving books! Also B & N gift cards.

Narrowing it down is tough. Depends on who the book is for.

My friend Courtney's new young adult book is great (My So Called Family).

My all time fave is Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston.

The Middle Place by Kelly Corrigan was great.

Anything by Frank McCourt.

I could go on forever.