Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Jenny McCarthy on Sesame Street!

Well imagine my surprise! It's 6:37am. There's no school today so my kids slept in until 5:00am. I'm working on my computer, and I have yesterday's Sesame Street playing in the background. I record it every day. For the girls, that's right. (I adore Sesame Street, I confess. I watch it more than they do.)

Well whose voice do I hear but Miss Jenny McCarthy! She's talking about insects (not parasites....) Check her out HERE! There's a 30 second intro before she comes on screen. She does a fine impression of a butterfly!

Don't forget to buy a copy of Jenny's best selling book Mother Warriors for someone on your holiday list! Give hope for the holidays!


Leeann said...

Cool! Thanks for sharing...Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Kim!!

You're on my list - the good one! I need to back channel you one of these days. I would love to get your opinion on some things.

Amanda said...

Happy thanksgiving Kim!

That must be one of the best things about being a celebrity - you get to play silly b's on sesame street. How great would that be, hangin' with Elmo?!

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

From Playboy to MTV to Sesame Street! My how Jenny has grown! I'm proud of her! : )

Sesame is still my all time fave and I'm bummed my kids don't watch anymore.