Friday, November 10, 2006

When Books are Like Drugs (good drugs)

Is there an author out there that you know, when you pick up his or her book, you're going to be completely taken away? I'm currently reading Ray Bradbury's collection of short stories in "One More For The Road", a newer collection. His writing feels to me the way drug addicts explain that first shot of heroin. A warm infusion of content. Fortunately, reading is both legal and leaves no tracks on your forearm. Whether Bradbury is writing science fiction, literary fiction or commercial fiction - his ENDINGS are what blow me away. The last sentence of his stories are beyond magnificent. I started reading him in High School. Golden Apples of the Sun and I Sing The Body Electric. I remember his characters, their words, their actions, their emotions even today a couple of decades later.

Today my hat's off to Ray Bradbury. To whom would you tip yours?


Trish Ryan said...

Gosh - there are so many. Anne Lamott (although I do wish she'd write less about her cellulite) is one. Amy Tan is another. Whenever I need comfort, I reach for Jan Karon's Mitford series, where everything always turns out okay. I love Joyce Meyer, because she is so practical. And Elizabeth Wurtzel because she's just so perposterous - sometimes I'll put my finger at the start of a sentence, just to see how many lines it before the period or exclaimation point.

Kim Stagliano said...
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Harvey Moskowitz said...

Sidney Sheldon's "Rage of Angels." I laughed. I cried.