Friday, November 24, 2006

Men are from Mars, so the family starves. Women are from Venus, I could lop off his....

Today I will use my blog to rant. My husband's family is in the area visiting, staying with his sister about 20 miles from us. We invited everyone over for Frank Pepe's pizza in about 45 minutes. Frank Pepe's is a CT institution and serves the best pizza in the country. Zagats rates the pizza a 27 out of 27 to give you an idea. Almost no one gets a 27 from Zagat, least of all a pizza joint.

We have 9 people coming over including 4 kids and my mother in law (who is a lovely woman, no problems there.) We have 6 here.

I asked my husband to please call Frank Pepe's in advance since the day after Thanksgiving is usually a big "I'm not cooking" day, right? Right. Did he call????? No. Wait. That's a lie. He called them at 4:35pm. And their answering machine says? "We are not taking any take out orders." ARRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHH!

So how far will crudite and chips and salsa go for 15?

AMEN! He raced down to Frank Pepe's and they ARE taking orders, just not over the phone. Mama Mia I'd better put that carving knife down and get ready for pizza!


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