Thursday, November 30, 2006

New Bumper Sticker: BEWARE THE BUICK*

Next time you're driving through a grocery store parking lot or limping down the highway behind a slowpoke, check out the name on the car. BUICK. I don't care if Tiger Woods is trying to promote them as hip and happening. You can pretty much count on an older driver, wearing black wrap sunglasses, who is a chiropractor's dream ("Can you turn your head at all, Mrs. Smith? No doctor.") You can just watch her Our Fathering her way into the parking spot. I'm not bashing older drivers (pardon the pun.) Just the older drivers in Buicks. They scare me.

My sister learned to drive on our electric blue 1974 Electra 225. Man that was a great car. But I won the prize. I learned to drive in a 1976 Cadillac Coupe de Ville. Black with red leather interior. I learned to DOCK it, not park it. Tony was the best car ever. I still have a set of keys to Tony in my glove box on a red leather keychain with a tarnished letter K.

*This post does not apply to a certain favorite aunt in Florida.


ORION said...

Thanks for your kind wishes!
I enjoy reading your blog. Having these cyber friends is such fun.
I got more good news from my agent today and hope to have something exciting to talk about next week.
I have to pinch myself.

Fore Sam said...

I always thought minivans driven by women on cell phones were more dangerous, especially the ones with a "Baby on Board" window sticker.

Kim Stagliano said...
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Kim Stagliano said...

Brain fart and too many comments spewed out! Trying again here. Orion: DO TELL!

FORE SAM: Hello, sir... I do not have a baby on board sticker, I have an NAA "Autism is Curable" ribbon. So no rear ending me, right? :)

Fore Sam said...

I won't hit you, but you better watch out for our pals from Neuroinsanity with that ribbon.
My 1987 Reliant would probably fall apart if I hit anything.

ORION said...

Kim check my comment on ladybroncos blog and you will laugh your ass off!!!
I swear I will tell all next week.

Manic Mom said...

Kim, go check out my comments to Snark about the friendship post, although it might not be up yet... too funny!

Liked yours too, you butt-kisser!

Kim Stagliano said...

Oh like you wouldn't give your left ovary to have Snark as your agent? I can see you fluffing your pillow RIGHT NOW! LOL!