Saturday, November 24, 2007

Bernie Rimland Froze out the Refrigerator Mother Theory over 40 years ago.

Dr. Rimland founded the Autism Society of America and went on to create the most influential organization for the treatment of autism, The Autism Research Institute. Dr. Rimland passed away on November 21, 2006. This video was created as a tribute to him.

You can hear him dispel the theory that autism was a result of cold mothers within the first five minutes of this 27 minute video. No matter what your thinking on treatment or cause, we all owe this man, Bernie Rimland, a thank you for telling the world that we mothers we weren't the cause. You and I know that now. But 50 years ago, when autism was a RARE blip, seen once in a blue moon? We would have been to blame.

Thanks to Stan Kurtz of for creating the file for me. I'm trying to link it to but the blog platform will not accept it.

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