Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Something New from Ray Bradbury. JOY!

Just got an alert from Harper Collins. He is my favorite author. The world's he's created. My gosh.. Check this out! Read more at Harper Collins.

In We'll Always Have Paris—a new collection of stories gathered together for the first time—the inimitable Ray Bradbury once again delights us with prose that soars and sings. He imagines great things and poignantly observes human foibles and frailties. He enchants us with the magic he mastered decades ago and still performs flawlessly. Whether he's exploring the myriad ways to be reborn, or the circumstances that can make any man a killer, or returning us to Mars, Bradbury opens the world to us and beckons us in. His tales will live forever—we will always have Bradbury.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

RIP Robert B. Parker

When I left Boston for Ohio, I could always return home by reading a Spenser novel. RIP and thank you for decades of great reading. From Media Bistro Galley Cat.
Kim Stagliano Now on HuffPo

When I began writing for Huffington Post in 2007, Fearless Voices was both the theme of the category in which I was published and the title of Arianna's book. I had a fearless voice, and was thrilled to chime in here. But now, I feel like an outcast. Everyone is talking about how to get to sleep. How to stay asleep. How to sleep well, deeply, restfully and many more adverbs all of which imply that sleep is an elusive dream.

Not for me.

I sleep like a rock within minutes of turning out the light. It's almost too embarrassing to share. No Ambien. No wine. No Lunesta. No melatonin (although my kids get a spray of it every so often.) No warm milk .I can drink a gallon of coffee at 6:00pm and still zonk out at 10 p.m. as if on command... Click the headline to read the full post and comment. Thanks!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Support Debut Author Maria Garcia Kalb!

Maria is a member of the very cool grog, The Debutante Ball. Her book launches today. Day 1 is really important for sale - so is week 1,2 and 3. Fast movement is GOOD. So, if you'd like to add to your list of how to torture the loved on in your life, grab a copy on Amazon and leave a review after you read it. Check out her WEBSITE HERE.

"101 Ways to Torture Your Husband" is a fun, devilish manual for every wife who dreams of makingher husband pay for his naughty wrongdoings.

While the title refers to "husbands," boyfriends and lovers are also included, and can suffer the same consequences when they drive their woman insane! Sure, it’s a passive-aggressive way to seek revenge, but boy will you feel better afterwards!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Santa brought Bella these boots - alas too small! And the store where we bought them didn't bring in the next size up. So I contacted the company, which happens to be right here in CT and they are helping me. Isn't that nice? Check out their cool stuff - very creative and fun.

Friday, January 08, 2010

Autism Speaks Autism Forum

Please join me to tell Congressman Himes how autism has affected you and/or your family and what you need now and in the future. KIM

Moderated by Congressman Jim Himes (D-4)

Saturday January 23
2:00 – 4:00
Darien Library
Community Room



Peter Bell, Autism Speaks Executive Vice President Programs and Services
Father to a child with autism

Senator Bob Duff Connecticut State Senator representing Darien and Norwalk

Dr. James McPartland Assistant Professor, Yale Autism Program

Julie Swanson Special Education Advocate
Mother to a child with autism

Kim Stagliano Managing Editor Age of Autism
Mother to three children with autism

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

It's Time for the Manic Mommy 3rd Annual Blood Drive!

I've borrowed Manic Mommy's entire blog post - I've done the drive for the last two years and if you're able to donate blood, you should too. Read on:

Welcome to the New Year, New Decade and the Third Annual MaNiC MoMMy'S Virtual Blog for Blood Drive Challenge! I can't believe this is the third year of the blood drive and I wasn't sure if I was going to do it again, but something pulled at me and here I am! Thank YOU for taking the time to consider participating! I ended 2009 by donating my pint yesterday, and I've been bulking up on the iron and came in at 15.4 for my iron count! That's like a MAN's iron count! Been eating a ton of red meat lately now that I'm not eating SUGAR or Diet Coke any more!

If you're new to this, thanks for stopping by, and here's a quick explanation: In 2008, I had a carload of 6 kids and drove past a Heartland Blood Center and decided to stop in to see if I could donate on a whim. With SIX KIDS in the car. We all went in, I donated, and it was SO EASY! I blogged about it, then thought, if that was so easy, why isn't it this easy for everyone else to do it?

Then I thought to make it fun, I'd put some money into it, and give away prizes. Some other awesome bloggers came forward, donated their time and money toward prizes. The next year, a company donated a trip to Florida, and we had even more great people give up a pint of their blood for the cause.

ONE PINT OF YOUR BLOOD WILL SAVE THREE PEOPLE. Some of you have a blood type that can save up to FIVE BABIES. But my mom said it best. Your blood saves more than just three people or five babies. It saves their whole FAMILIES.

To participate in MaNiC MoMMy'S Virtual BLog for Blood Drive, all you have to do is head to your local blood bank and donate a pint of blood from now through February 28. (Make sure you've eaten enough iron-rich foods and have had breakfast and that you drink water before you go.) Have someone there take your photo WHILE YOU ARE DONATING BLOOD and email it to me, along with your name, email, and city and state. Tell me what motivated you to donate. Every Sunday I post the photos calling it SUNDAY BLOODY SUNDAY.

Email photos to: manicmommy@comcast.net.

At the end of the drive, we'll have great prizes to give away, some of them yet to be determined, but I am ponying up like every year, $3 per EVERY DONOR of my own cash toward prizes ($1 per every life saved - up to a total amount determined by me).

A grand prize will be a ROUNDTRIP SOUTHWEST AIRLINE TICKET for one random winner so if you're looking to head somewhere warm, and if you've got a pint of blood just flowing in your veins that YOU DON'T NEED that maybe someone else COULD USE TO LIVE, you might consider giving it away!

I'm trying, desperately, to entice Ellen Degeneres to give a pint to the cause on her show - wouldn't THAT be fabulous? Or maybe SHE would let a winner come visit HER in California? I've been emailing and tweeting her trying to get her to notice my blood drive efforts, but I know she gets thousands of requests every day, but just as she wanted to be on the cover of Oprah magazine, she didn't quit, so I'm not going to quit bugging her on my quest to get her to at least give me a pint of blood. In fact, wouldn't she look GREAT donating a pint of blood?

All you have to do is donate a pint of blood and have your photo taken. If the staff says you can't get your photo taken in the chair, that's NOT true. See all the people who have had their photos taken: Last Year's Donors! Don't they all look awesome--and they're ALL full of SMILES!

SHOW the staff the photos from the above link! If they still won't let you take a picture, give your pint, and take your picture outside the establishment and take a picture of your "Be nice to me, I donated" sticker, or a picture of your paperwork you fill out, or your bandaged arm. Photos will be considered at my discretion, and I do prefer the photo of you in the chair, but if they're being sticklers about it, do what you can!

Remember to EMAIL your name, email address so I can contact you, city, state, and what motivated you to donate to: manicmommy@comcast.net. Photos will be posted every Sunday!

If you would like to consider sponsoring part of the drive, or donating a prize, those opportunities are also available as well, just email me! Any gift at all is welcome and appreciated! But most of all, the gift of your pint of blood is what we want most!

Thank you very much and if you have any questions about anything I might not have covered here, please leave them in the comment section! Below is a photo of some of the awesome staff at Heartland Blood Center in Naperville, Illinois! Thanks Tammy & Chez! And we'll be seeing the other Tammy and Gloria soon when I bring Mr. Manic in for blood later this week

How about it, Got a pint to spare? It's a great way to start off the New Year! Happy 2010!

Stephanie Elliot
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If you spray Scrubbing Bubbles in your bathroom, then forget you sprayed Scrubbing Bubbles in your bathroom and then decide two hours later you have to use the bathroom, then remember you'd sprayed Scrubbing Bubbles in the bathroom two hours earlier and then wipe down the bathroom and then use the toilet did you ever really clean your bathroom?