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I’m No Mother Teresa

By Kim Stagliano

Foreword by Jenny McCarthy

Saturday, July 23

The Learned Owl

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* And keynote speaker at the Third Annual Conference on Autism Spectrum Disorders Friday July 22 at the Holiday Inn, Independence.


“Incredibly funny… A bird’s-eye view into what it’s really like to love

and raise kids with autism.”—Jenny McCarthy, from her foreword

Hundreds of memoirs, cookbooks, and medical volumes have been written about raising children with autism, but none of them will make you laugh this hard. In All I Can Handle: I’m No Mother Teresa, mother, wife and down-to-earth human being Kim Stagliano tells the inspiring, heartwarming, and utterly hysterical story of how one very strong woman raises three daughters with autism, loses one at Disney World, stays married, has sex, bakes gluten-free, goes broke, and keeps her sense of humor.

Kim has been featured on Good Morning America and in Time Magazine among other national media outlets for her work with She has devoted her life to raising autism awareness and helping parents like herself find the answers they need to best support their children. However, in this book, for the first time, she tells her life story. The memoir of a mother raising three severely disabled daughters may seem bleak, but in her loud, unique and compelling comedic and literary voice, Kim explains how there is nothing in life not worth laughing at – and even less that you can’t come to love and appreciate. Some of the highlights of her daily adventures are:

· Poop. Kim relates the difficulty in potty training her three autistic daughters, and how she ends up finding poop EVERYWHERE in her house (on the floors, in the walls, inside toys etc. etc. etc)

· Sex and love. Kim didn’t have three kids with her husband by NOT having sex! She discusses how they make time for each other during their crazy schedules, how they got through her husband’s being laid off THREE times, how they almost got divorced over a round of golf, and how their relationship is now stronger than ever because of the setbacks they’ve encountered and overcome.

· Autism. Kim describes her various encounters with doctors - some of whom told her there was nothing wrong with her children - and she does not hesitate to speak her mind about the extent to which she was supported or NOT supported throughout the process.

· Her devotion to her children. Kim describes the panic-attack she had when she lost one of her daughters at DisneyWorld. She also writes about times when she had too much trouble getting her kids out of the car to pick up groceries or take-out food, and forfeited her own dinner because she refused to leave her kids alone in the car to get it.

· Money problems. Kim and her husband, like many other American couples, have suffered through layoffs, new jobs, and not having enough money to buy their kids Christmas presents.

Kim Stagliano’s story is unique because it is both tragic and heartwarming. She describes the terrible things she has had to endure, but also explains how she feels happy and blessed and enjoys every moment of her “Stagtastrophe-filled” life.

About the Author:

Kim Stagliano is a nationally recognized autism advocate and speaker. She is managing editor of and writes for The Huffington Post, The Autism File magazine, and The TodayMoms blog from MSNBC. Stagliano lives in Connecticut with her family. Her website is

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All I Can Handle:

I’m No Mother Teresa

By Kim Stagliano

Skyhorse Publishing Hardcover Original

On Sale: November 2, 2010

ISBN: 978-1-61608-069-3

Price: $24.95