Friday, October 29, 2010

President Obama: Will You Stop the Autism Epidemic?

I made this sign last night at the Fairfield County Democratic HQ. The President is visiting Bridgeport this weekend to support Jim Himes, who has been very attentive to autism. President Obama has been catastrophic for people affected by severe autism. His admin has pushed mercury laden vaccines on Americans, appointed only one POV to a major National council, ignored the growing numbers. That said, John McCain has done nothing for us either - despite his milking the community during his campaign.

I hope President Obama will see the light - which is actually a whole lot of darkness.


Autism Mom Rising said...

The political consultants appear to have figured out that we are 1 in every 50 parents and we vote. So, we can expect to be pandered to in elections. Ultimately, it is more convenient for them to see this as some genetic difference and ignore that so many of our children have medical illnesses.

ccdemuth said...

More Jobs or More Government?

Incumbent Congressman Jim Himes is for the same type of command-and-control policies that have consistently led to low growth and high structural unemployment in Eastern Europe in the twentieth century and in Western Europe today: his only problem with pork-barrel stimulus is that there has not been enough of it. His only concern with the healthcare bill is that it did not go far enough. He voted to adjourn congress without addressing January’s massive tax hikes.

The incumbent is for unlimited government. On his watch, he voted for a government that increased borrowing by a trillion dollars a year. His answer is always the same: more government. More taxes, more spending, more job-killing regulation.

Challenger Dan Debicella believes that there is a better way: he is for policies conducive to economic growth such as replacing the pork-barrel stimulus with a payroll tax cut. He opposes all tax increases and intrusive regulation that stifles job creation.

Dan is for a constitutional, limited government. He would cap the size of the federal government at 20% of our gross domestic product. He would force politicians to make trade-offs between competing priorities instead of always growing the size government. He would reduce the number of government employees.

If Dan Debicella shares your beliefs and you want to help him advance those beliefs in congress, then you can do so here: . Both sides should be able to agree that your choice is clear and it is important. What kind of country do we want to live in? Do we want to continue down the current direction or do we think that there is a better way?