Tuesday, May 04, 2010

NY Kim Carnival 083 Kim Stagliano: Autism Should Not Be a Death Sentence

Please read the full post and comment over at Huffington Post. Thanks.

...I wish I could tell you that autism brings only love and joy and candy canes and OMG! Ponies! Sometimes it feels like that's all the media (and even some within the autism world) want to hear from those of us living day to day caring for a loved one(s) or even those with the diagnosis themselves. If only that were the full reality for families. It's not.

However, that doesn't mean autism is nothing but stress and challenges and tears. Not by a long shot. And it doesn't mean people with autism are doomed. Not even as adults.

Last weekend, the carnival came to my town. And I knew "he" would be there.


Bob who has autism, looks to be in his 40s, and rides the Scrambler from the moment the gates open until they close...

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daharja said...

I've added your book to my Amazon Wish List.

Guess what I'll be getting for Christmas? ;-)

Take care, and don't let life get you down.