Thursday, May 27, 2010

Book Expo America and Skyhorse Publishing

Yesterday the team at Skyhorse welcomed me into their booth at Book Expo America. At the advice of the fabulous Bella Stander, of Book Promotion 101, I had excerpts that I handed out for a short period of time, eyes scanning badges for librarians, press and bookstore buyers. "Hi, this is a humorous memoir with an autism theme that belongs on your 'and you won't need a Prozac to read it,' shelf!" I chatted with sales and publicity and, I hope, gave them a feel for who I am, the tone of the book and confidence that they can send me out to promote the title. I restrained the excited 12 year old who wanted to jump up and down when I saw my book on the signage. I was cool(ish.)

Esther Bochner, Publicist, me, Tony Lyons, Publisher (and author and fellow autism parent.)

Skyhorse had a good week - their catalog is loaded with terrific titles and the debut book Callous Disregard from Dr. Andrew Wakefield (the British doc of the MMR/Autism controversy) hit #11 on Amazon on its launch day. #11!!! It was a fun day to watch the number tumble.

Mark came into the show with me, and it was divine to share the moment with him. He has more photos. I'll get them.


Amy said...

That is so awesome - and you look fabulous and match your book cover - nicely done! I simply cannot wait to read this book!

kim mccafferty said...

Congratulations, truly! It is an exceptional accomplishment that you have three girls on the spectrum AND the fortitude to get your book to publication. That's some moxy. Good for you!

Celeste said...

Kim, I love to read your words of wisdom everyday. You always make me crack up. HOLY PIG DNA VIRUS!!! Bwaahahahahah.

I just started blogging myself, and when I grow up, I want my blog to be just as great as yours! :)

Thanks for all you do.
Celeste Reese
Juju's Mom, age 4

jess said...

congrats, kim! great to see it out there! said...

Beautiful! Congratulations Kim!

Estherbochner said...

I look soooo sad!

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Loving your new look of the blog, can't wait to see the whole site! xo steph