Friday, November 13, 2009

We're Off To Cleveland Again.

Tomorrow we're driving to Cleveland (500 or so miles) so we can do lab work at The Cleveland Clinic on Monday morning. We see a neurometabolic geneticist there (Dr. Natowicz) who is tops in the country and a living doll to boot. I calm down just sitting near him. First off, he's brilliant. Second, he has a twinkle in his eye and a real scientists desire to investigate plus a clinicians need to help his patients. The lab tests are so sensitive, we need to do the work there. So off we go.

Mark is going to connect with some old friends he hasn't seen them in 25! And they weren't in preschool at the time, if you get my drift.


Roger Kulp said...

Just curious,do your daughters have mitochondrial damage,and elevated porphyrins,or actual "point mutations" as my doctor puts it.I know I am safely in the former camp.Me and roughly 60% of those on the spectrum.

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