Thursday, May 21, 2009



Michelle O'Neil said...

Bring back a big one Kim. Enjoy your time. I hope you get to sleep in.

Amanda said...

Things I would most love to do whilst "fishing" - lay in bed with no interruptions 'til at least 10am - have coffee and brioche IN BED with a book and then a long shower and then MAY BE I'd be ready for a day...Savour every fantastic moment for tomorrow or the next day you'll be back at the coal face!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kim,
I just linked to the Autism One site and saw the Elizabeth Birt legal training and center. Of course, this happened on Thursday. Do you have any idea how I can connect with this group? In a prior life, I was a attorney. I've been home now for several years recovering my son. It was the right choice but now I finally feel like I have time to contribute to helping others. I'd appreciate any ideas or leads to this group.

Gail C.

Kim Stagliano said...

Gail, email me at and I'll send you a contact email. Thanks.