Friday, May 15, 2009

Boy Alone A Brother's Memoir by Karl Taro Greenfeld

Karl's father wrote three books about Noah in the 1970s -80s. Noah is profoundly autistic. I had the pleasure of sitting at The Algonquin hotel with Karl and discussing writing, publishing, autism from the perspective of a brother versus a mother and delving into the questions of treatment, cure, life care. I am honored that Karl found my thoughts interesting enough to include me in his acknowledgement.

Read this book. It's not an "HEA" story. But guess what. Autism is not a "happily ever after" diagnosis. This book presages the world we're headed into as thousands upon thousands of darling children grow into men and women who will need someplace to live. And people to tend to their ever present needs. For those of you parents with a child with autism and NT kids, you might be shocked. I'm sure Karl will welcome your thoughts. Here's an email from him.

My new book, Boy Alone: A Brother's Memoir, about my profoundly autistic younger brother Noah, is out now, available at the usual places. If they say they don't have it, they're lying—or possibly hoarding because they know it is likely to be a collectible—so keep insisting until they either sell you a copy or forcibly remove you from the premises. And don't assume it's only available at bookstores, why not try to buy at your local Wireless Warehouse or MacDonalds or gas station with the same persistance you would show at a bookseller. Let's let all merchants know they should be carrying this fine, fine book.

TIME excerpted it today

GQ excerpted it last month HERE.

I'm doing a reading and talk/back at the Tribeca Barnes & Noble on May 27th, an event at the Aspen Instittue in Washington DC on June 8th, and a tour of the westcoast the second week of June.

NPR's All Things Considered will feature the book next week.

My website is in beta form at

Thanks-karl taro greenfeld


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