Monday, April 14, 2008

EoharmToday marks the third anniversary of the Environment of Harm list created and moderated by Lenny Schafer. We owe Lenny a huge debt of gratitude. Thank you, Lenny.

Lenny also provides the Schafer Autism Report, an online newsletter that gives you the current autism news at a glance and a calendar of events around the world. If you are not a subscriber, please go to and click through to a paid membership. Lenny's work has been invaluable to our community.

From Lenny's letter to his 2100+ members:

Hello List Members,

Monday marks the third anniversary of this Environment of Harm list.
I am sad to report that this list and the exchange of information it
provides the community is needed now more than ever, despite every
intent to put this list out of business. Yes, it was my deepest hope
three years ago that the proverbial dirty-vaccine cat and autism mouse
would be out of the bag by now and that most of our time and efforts
would be towards treatment and treatment research.

The EOHarm list now over 2100 members strong; having completed a
breathtaking near 80,000 messages to one another, whew!

This list is sponsored by the Schafer Autism Report, which has a
20,000 readership and is the source of about half of the members who
subscribe here.

In the event you never heard of it, the home page for
the Report is It is a daily newsletter digest
of autism news and information. It is 100% support by reader donations.
I believe that the readership of both this list, and the Report is a
large as it is, absent any internet marketing, because we are not
beholden to any advertisers, or big contributors, but by individual
readers who have come to trust what we have to say.

The agenda here is simple: we want the truth and justice for all our
children who have been damaged by vaccines, by any environmental
toxins and by all the disinformers at the CDC, pharma and others.

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