Thursday, April 24, 2008

I'm huffing and puffing over at HuffPo - about autism and lack of insurance coverage. Do come over and comment, won't you? Thanks!

Stigma Healthcare: Shut Up Kid!


Catherine said...

Hi Kim
have been reading you for a while thanks to Amanda. In Scotland our main problem is the chronic lack of speech therapists and poor NHS funding but at least we don't have to argue with insurance companies. You do seem to get a raw deal and reading some of your blogs leaves me counting my blessings.
My middle daughter had very delayed speech,she's ASD, but due to sterling work by speech therapists (they also put us through a Hannan course)now speaks beautifully. She's very posh and correct, sometimes it's like living with your old maiden aunt.
Good luck with your fight.

Anonymous said...

I actually think it's also outrageous they consider such things as stuttering and tongue thrust to be unhabilitable!