Monday, February 11, 2008

Monday! Bloody Monday!

My blog/writing buddy Manic Mommy is running a contest to encourage people to give blood. I got to my appointment today. Best part? I got weight checked! LOL! Almost as good as getting carded.


Michelle O'Neil said...

She gives and she gives.

They even gave you a little ball to squeeze? I hope you got juice and cookies after, ya fatten you up.

Kim Stagliano said...

Lorna Doones!!! YUM!!!

drama mama said...

And look at how cute you are doing it.
I'm impressed. Full make up and hair to give blood.


Manic Mom said...


Thank you so much for doing this today! I know you are so busy, and this means so much!

I owe you. (oops, did I just say that out loud)... keep it for when you need it! I'll deliver!


Amanda said...

That'll teach you for being a skinny person! And you know you only did it so you got cookies, a lay down and NO KIDS JUMPING ON YOU!!!

(Gained 1lb this week and know why but still grumpy about it)

Kim Stagliano said...

Drama, I don't get out much! My hair is always in that one step away from an exploded birds' nest look. I put on blush so if I tuirned pale they wouldn't know! No problem. The rejuvenative power of the Lorna Doone saved me!

Jules said...

Hey congratulations on giving blood. You rock!

I gave yesterday too. I only wish that I would have thought about making a card like you did. What a brilliant idea!

The ladies at the blood bank kept asking me "Why are you giving blood, again?" I could have just held up the sign. :)


Maddy said...

I used to give blood every 57 days when we first arrived [I thought I might need it if I was squished by a bus on foreign soil!]

Then they changed the rules [don't want goodly Americans contaminated by Mad Cow Disease!]

That's why I avoid buses now.