Saturday, December 04, 2010

Kim Stagliano on Good Morning Texas for All I Can Handle I'm No Mother Teresa

This interview was a blast - Rob McCollom is a scream - puts you right at ease.He'd obviously done his homework with the book and I won't tell you what he said to me before we went on air... Oh hell, of course I will! He'd heard I was surprised the male host was interviewing me instead of the usual female/mommy host. I was happy and surprised. So he said, "I'm sorry I have a penis." HA! My Howard Stern chapter clearly influenced him. I love that. He did such a good job the producer gave him some extra time with me, which is the TV equivalent of Johnny Carson inviting a stand up to sit on the chair after his act. I was thrilled. Check out the very end of the interview and tell me what you hear in the comments.


Larry Russick said...

Great interview, Kim. It portrays the book really well. I didn't realize the book was aimed at the general public as well as the autism community. It seems pretty obvious to me now that you have suceeded in both.

Suzanne The Haircutter said...

Did he call you Lisa? Good job! But is the book ever going to be a Barnes and Noble nook book?