Friday, August 08, 2008

Sooo disappointing. To err is human.

I can understand a one night stand. Not an affair. Nope.


Anonymous said...

He always came across as fake and dishonest. What makes it even worse is the fact that reports say that he states, in his interview with Nightline, that he began the affair when his wife was in remission from her cancer. As if that should make a difference. He is a complete slimeball.

Kim Rossi Stagliano said...

I disagree with how he came across. Get a hooker. Have a fling. Not an affair. Because that will be his legacy and it will taint his wife's funeral in an unholy way. But he's now out of public life - and so, that's the end of that. It's just another tawdry marital affair. Another broken heart. Another couple of kids whose entire concept of their family is destroyed.

No excuses.

I also think that extramarital affairs are a lot more common than people think - this just from living in a small exclusive suburb of Cleveland - where the affairs, wipe swapping and come on's were well known.

That said, I'm a one man gal - thought I should make that clear. And no one ever comes on to me. That's a little depressing! :)

Kim Rossi Stagliano said...

Wife swapping, not wipe. Although I assume that when you are swapping your wife there is a certain amount if wiping....

Anonymous said...

I think it is completely insulting that he wants everyone to believe that although he had an affair (after denying it) with her his married friend is the child's father, not him. Is the woman a slut or is Edwards a complete liar?

I hope someone investigates where the money to pay her off, in the form of income during his campaign, large homes and large amounts of money to be quiet, came from too.

Kim Rossi Stagliano said...

Well, a genetics test will take care of that. I'm sure if we stacked up all the politicians on both sides of the aisle who've had affairs, gay, straight and otherwise, we have a tall tree indeed.

Amanda said...

Bad enough it happens without the whole world knowing about it. I'm afraid I'm a stand by your chosen one kind of a girl. I stood in church before all my friends and family and said "I do" after the "keeping only unto him until death do you part" bit and I meant it. Having said that I haven't exactly had the opportunity either...LOL!!!

bob said...

I agree with anon 6:34 in regards to looking at the money issue. It's not over.

It isn't so much that he did something wrong but to sit there and say it was over in 06 and then have folks (even if it is trash news magazine) be able to state you were there just 2 weeks ago with her - well then whether the baby is yours or not, something still isn't right.

I will say this, as a republican, both sides "screw" up, we all know that, but it is how you handle the fall out and when I see people on CNN say they admire his honesty and coming forth I want to scream, he's only coming out because he got caught! There is nothing to admire there at all.

As for Edwards being fake all along, it is something Democratics need to understand, Republicans (who get looked at as prudes and stuff coats) feel that the Dems only use family and religion when they think it will benefit their cause, that it is isn't real. I'm speaking of candidates.

This goof by Edwards is only proof to many Repubs about how much they couldn't stand the Kerry/Edwards ticket - it seemed to ooze something not real.

You have to admit, if both parties have men who stray - why do the Dems do it so poorly? :o) Just kidding.

Anonymous said...

As they say, "it wasn't the crime but the cover-up." I could care less what this man did in his personal life, it is the fact that he had the nerve to campaign for president while trying to cover up this mess and lied to everyone including his own staff who are now furious with him.

His wife was also out there lying to the American people since she claims to have known about this since 2006. Clearly they cared only about their own interests and egos. Can you imagine if he had been the Democratic nominee? What a disaster that would be right now!

They'll eventually figure out the money trail and if he was using campaign funds to keep this woman quiet. They say she's pathetic and really believes that once his wife dies he'll marry her. He appears to be nothing but a scam artist who will lie and cover up to get whatever he wants. The American people really need to wake up and realize that many politicians (Republican and Democrat) are really not to be trusted a whole lot!

Kim Rossi Stagliano said...

The more I learn about the timeline the sicker I get. Politics as usual. But he's out of the public eye officially and his wife will not be able to continue her work for healthcare. Choices. Ramifications. Choices.

Jeff Deutsch said...

Hello Kim,

I personally feel that cheating is cheating, even if the cheater didn't love the paramour. After all, that means he was willing to risk his whole marriage for a casual fling...he must not put a high value on it.

I also think that when you run for office, there is no such thing as a "private" vice anymore. Ask anyone who's ever applied for a security clearance or position of trust: they go over every aspect of your life with a fine-tooth comb, and rightly so. Even for jobs way below Commander-in-Chief or Senator.

Why? Because character counts. If you betray the person you swore to forsake all others for, whom won't you betray?

I've had multiple chances to stray from my one and only, my darling wife Emily. I've never taken any and never will.

Incidentally, maybe this is a good argument for more Aspies in politics...we're much less likely than average to cheat.

Jeff Deutsch

PS: Having seen your picture, I have no doubt that the only reason no one comes on to you - if that's really the case - is that men respect you as a woman of her word.

Kim Rossi Stagliano said...

Hi, Jeff. Aspergians in politics? I like the idea. For criminy sake, if McCain were Aspergian perhaps he'd be able to use "The Internets." Maybe even "The Google!"

Nope, men don't come onto me - as far as I know. Then again, even as an NT female, I could be blind to the cues. And, um, I don't get out much... :)