Sunday, October 27, 2013

Love. Honor. Manhood.

Yesterday my brother and Ed celebrated their wedding - which took place last August after the defeat of DOMA - with a beautiful reception in Boston at Legal's Harborside.  The reception was for family on both sides. My girls were  included with love and acceptance for who they are and how they are (which is not "perfect" because of their autism.)  

How is it that Richard didn't think twice about whom to invite? He was raised by THIS man. My father, who is 91 years old, gave this glorious toast to Richard and Ed yesterday. Of course it is a poem - he has always loved poetry and can recite stanza after stanza from "rote memory." (A term I heard often during homework time as a kid.)

How many gay men and women, teens, have been shunned by family? Cast out? Too many. Not in the Rossi or Wood families.    Love does not come with strings or requirements. It simply exists.

I think this is my Dad's proudest moment - and he has had many. He's told us stories of sticking up for African Americans during WWII taking note of the blatant discrimination. He never wavered in sending my sister and me to college.

He's 91! That's OLD school - and Irish Italian to boot.   Rich and Ed could have faced a stone wall of rejection. Not so. Not so.

My mother too - never wavered in her love for her child. Did she worry about him when he came out?  Every day - I'm sure. That's what a mother does.

And this? Below? THIS IS FAMILY. And I love them.

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