Sunday, October 13, 2013

Life Changed

10 years ago this month my husband lost his good paying executive job with benefits. And everything changed. Some for the better, like coming home to New England. (Thank you God and baby Jesus.) Some - not so much. No more shopping sprees at Nordstrom's in a shiny killer BMW without a care in the world. I can promise you that in America, once you fall down - or are pushed as in our case - unemployment on top of the financial disaster of autism - it's DAMN hard to get back up again. The deck is stacked against you in a thousand ways - both big and small. It has made me stronger, leaner, more loyal to those who reach out, a bit meaner, well maybe more than a bit, a bit nicer, well maybe not quite a bit, a lot wiser, a whole lot more grateful, and far less tolerant of bullshit.

This is the house we sold to stay afloat.
This is the shiny car we drove. Vroom!
This was my family. Still is......

And my family - it's all that matters to me. It has changed since 2003. We've lost members, gained members. Blood and genetics means nothing to me. I know who has stood by us without judging - who has reached out to us with love and care and kindness - and so many of you are my autism family. And my new CT family.

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