Monday, November 08, 2010

Review on The Adoption of Jane Blog for All I Can Handle I'm No Mother Teresa

I'm blown away by the wonderful response to my book from parents within the autism community, and people who do not have a child on the spectrum. They are laughing, crying, learning and laughing again - which is just what I'd hoped (dared?) to accomplish with this book. I met Jane through the blogosphere. She offered to read and review my book. Her final review is the first to make me cry. Could I possibly have struck a chord this deep in a stranger - who is now a friend? Thank you Jane. Here's a preview, but please pop into her blog HERE to leave a comment.

Last week I read the amazing book, All I can Handle: I'm No Mother Theresa. This book is written by Kim Rossi Stagliano. Her story includes raising three daughters on the Autism Spectrum, fighting for Services, going back to work after being a stay at home mom, going through her husband's layoff's, moving and relocating constantly, and telling it all with a sense of humor!

Kim Rossi Stagliano is an amazing mother, wife, and writer. She writes from the soul and parents her daughters from the heart. She is the type of writer you know, that if you knew her, she would definitely be your best friend. Regardless what side of the Autism debate you are on, regardless if you have a child on the spectrum, regardless if you even have a child. She would definitely be a dear friend for life. There is a part in her book where she describes her relationship with her good friend Susan. They are both on the opposite sides of the Autism debate. Kim describes it as her being "Team Curebie" and her friend being "Team NeuroDiversity". She explains their mutual respect for each other and to me, that is priceless. If our whole community could be that way, how awesome would that be? I find it beautifully ironic that her book release date was the day of The Communication Shutdown and Speak Out. Makes me want to scream... OMG! Only Kim's book would have that coincidence!!!

Her relationship with her family is touching. I really enjoy how she talks about her daughters. I feel as if I went through each and every step with her. Her story is so honestly written it had me laughing, crying, laughing, crying, and laughing some more! I respect Kim's ability to be so truthful.. she speaks of experiences most have had but wouldn't dare say out loud. Such as, losing your child in a public place, potty training mishaps, and marriage. Another thing I truly enjoyed about this book is how she added the family pictures in the middle. Absolutely Stunning family. Kim and her husband are a handsome couple. And her daughters... breathtakingly beautiful! Mia, Gianna, and Bella will warm your heart. What is truly interesting is that through this book, the story, and the pictures, you will feel these little girls emotions and begin to understand what living life with Autism is like. To be able to connect with a child on the Spectrum is a hard task. To be able to connect with a child on the Spectrum through their mothers written words... absolutely brilliant writing Kim Rossi Stagliano, absolutely brilliant!


Anonymous said...

I went to Barnes and Noble in San Bruno, California. They did not have I have asked them to order it. With numbers what they are it needs to be on the shelves. Good for you...I can't wait to get mine. i am a curebie also, but respect neurodiversity. When the neurodiversity causes disability there needs to be much attention paid!!! Jackie Murphy, CA

Adoption of Jane said...

A now I'm crying now too!!! Kim you are amazing, and one day we will meet!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kim,

Finished reading your book yesterday. I loved the book, I love you and your family!

And "I know how you do it". You are just being an incredible mother that you would be even if autism was not present in your life...

Thanks for describing to the non-autism community what it really means to have someone in your family with autism.

Waiting for the next book,

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congratulation to reach the heart of a huge community. You did a great job with your book.