Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Yes. For Some Autism Requires A Cure.

April is Autism Awareness month. There's a lot of really good work being done for people across the spectrum, from the severely affected to the far less affected but still in some way, held back by their diagnosis. Awareness is good. It might help a Mom whose child is sucking her thumb in Church - at 15. Or the Dad whose son has asked the bored to death clerk about helicopters six times while checking out of Target.

There is still a push to call seeking a cure for autism undesireable. A call to spread the word that autism is a brain difference, perhaps like left or right handedness.

Bullshit. Take a 2:57 gander at this little girl. Nine years old and non-verbal. Like my Bella. Take a long hard look and tell me she doesn't deserve a cure. Did I already say bullshit? Because that's how I feel.


daharja said...

As an "autism Mum" I see that and just want to cry.

There's no cure for autism yet. And we just struggle on alone, doing the best we can.

And the experts just blame it on our genetics. Yeah right, when there are no problems in my family or in my husband's, just like all the autism families I know.

I don't believe the vaccines are to blame. But something out there is causing this. What the hell is going on, and why the hell don't we know what the problem is yet?

And why am I considered a lunatic for demanding answers, and not trusting the medical "experts"?

Anonymous said...

That isn't autism, that is gastrointestinal disease that some but not all children with autism may have. My son is 11 years old, nonverbal, and in diapers however is one of the happiest kids I have ever met, with no gastrointestinal problems.

Yes autism needs a cure, but more importantly these kids with issues related to the gut need it more IMHO! That girl is in pain, and it is a tragedy to watch that video, a tragedy!

- Jane

Tiz said...

Every person has a right to their opinion but for me, a mother to a child with autism, I have to believe that we can cure or recover our children. I love and accept my daughter but my goal, my hope, what keeps me moving from day to day despite all of the frustration and roller coaster of emotions - is recovery.

Great blog, so glad I found it!