Thursday, April 08, 2010

Child%20Protection%20log Autism Can Be Deadly from the Outside In.

Here is a sad story and stark reminder of the stress for families doing their best to keep a child with autism (whether 5, 15 or 45) safe. It is from WSB Radio Atlanta. I often compare autism to cancer - and am lambasted for opening the conversation that autism can, like cancer, be deadly. Not from the inside out, but from the outside in.

Our condolences to the Dejons family.

The search for a missing six-year-old Douglas County boy has ended.

Douglas County Sheriff Phil Miller tells WSB the autistic child wandered off from his home in the Middle Lake Subdivision in Villa Rica Wednesday afternoon.

Authorities from all over including the Georgia State Patrol, which provided its helicopter, helped in the search. Hours later, he was found nearby.

"Unfortunately, we found the child in the lake and he had passed away. We don't suspect foul play. It's just a sad, sad tragedy," said Miller.

The child has been identified as Christian Dejons.


Sonja said...


It should be treated like cancer from the inside out as well. Every person I advise on biomed I say the same thing...treat this like a cancer and throw everything you can at are saving your child's life even though mainstream medicine and the insurance companies will not back you....come to think of it, many times neither will friends and family but you do it anyway. No one would question giving everything up to help a cancer child...we need to do the same thing for our kids.

jess said...

oh my god .. there are no words for this.