Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Birthday, Tracy Giordano and RIP

I have this strange ability to remember the birthdates of many of my old classmates. Tracy Giordano was born on February 13. 1963 I assume, same year that I was born. She and I attended Dominican Academy in Plainville, MA together. In our small class of about 20 kids, Tracy was always the smartest. She was kind too. And in sixth grade, she needed to start shaving her legs. (Oh the thing kids take note of!)

Tracy went to Bishop Feehan high school and then Brown University. (I told you she was smart.)

She died on December 2, 2000. I don't know what was the cause of death. I have a feeling it was something-- difficult.

I liked Tracy. We were competitive, but we were friends. I think of her every year on February 13th.

Happy Birthday, Tracy.

4 comments: said...

Strange what things get filed permanently into our brains, isn't it?

Happy Birthday Tracy.

Greg Gutierrez said...

Your are kind to remember your friend. I think of my departed friends daily. And I know the feel my thoughts.

Greg Gutierrez
Zen and the Art of Surfing

Robert Crausman said...

So sad. I think Tracy lived in my Dorm Freshman year at Brown. She was so full of life.

Robert Crausman said...
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