Friday, April 24, 2009

F*ck Discrimination.

The world is not just for straight, white Christians. Says this straight, white Christian.


Chantal said...

Nice, Kim. Would love to know more about your brother. Chantal

Kim Rossi Stagliano said...

He's my little brother. 39. Gay. Has a partner we all adore (Uncle Ed.) My folks never shunned him or sent him away. Heck, my Dad is an old Italian Irish guy, who could easily have turned his back on his son. Never in a million years. I think the only misgiving they ever had was worry for him. Worry about his health. Worry about how the world would treat him. Pure parental love and worry. I tormented him as a kid - I was a rotten big sister! LOL! I read here and there bits of discrimination or that whiff of religious superiority and it raises my hackles. I'm a Catholic because I was born to a Catholic family. Had I been born in the South I might be a Baptist, in India, Hindu. I think every religion is equally important. I do not believe in my way or the highway. Never have. I assume/hope I never will. RESPECT.

Kim Spencer said...

interestingly this Miss California thing has really shown true colors of some of my facebook friends from high school. i asked one of them what they would do if their child grew up gay. he said he would love that child, but he would tell them they were going to hell. all i can say to that is OMG. when it all comes down to it, i may be wrong and God may judge gays in the end (the god i believe in is not a judgmental hateful god), but it's not my place to judge anyone AT ALL. the discrimination makes me sick.

Kim Rossi Stagliano said...

Kim, I agree. It's a sad twist of love isn't it? Some of the most religious people are the most narrow minded - in all religions. With orthodoxy comes judgement too, as far as I can see.

I've backed off a lot of people after this political race when some vicious opinions flowed freely.

Go back to Kindergarten: Do unto others. There, that's religion to me. The rest is pomp, circumstance, window dressing, myth and human rules.

If I never stepped foot in a Church but was good person I think I'd go to heaven. If I spend every day praying on my knees but am a schmuck to people I'm going to wear short sleeves in my casket.

I love being a Catholic. I love the ceremony and the sameness and the rock solid feel of the Church, despite its shortcomings (which are legion.) I just can't bring myself to play God and tell others who is or isn't going to hell. Seems a bit presumptuous to me.

Annette said...

I hear you. Let's keep in mind that just because some Catholics (and members of other faiths) are judgmental does not mean that this is what their faith tells them to do. In fact, Catholics are taught not to judge others. No where in the catechism of the Catholic Church (the outline of the faith)does it state that sinners will go to Hell. Nor does it state that non-Catholics will go to hell. That's just sily. We are all sinners. If sin was the test, no one would get to heaven. Catholics who are judgmental and say these stupid things are not following their own religion. But that doesn't mean that the faith is in error.

Anonymous said...

Why do you discriminate? She is entitled to HER OPINION. This is America for God's sake. Why do you believe in not allowing someone to have an opinion just because you do not share it? The majority of the people in this country have HER opinion, INCLUDING Barak Obama. Do not expect everyone to agree with you. How many letters have you written to Pres Obama and VP Biden accusing them of being religious haters because of their stance on marriage? (and no, their support for civil unions does not count) Kim, you have a gay brother and you love him, but do you honestly believe a person should be demonized for stating their views? Do you think people cannot have another opinion other than yours? She was asked a question (an inappropriate one for the setting) and asked for her OPINION. And because it was deemed the "wrong" opinion, she is reviled. She NEVER mentioned religion in her answer just her upbringing. I was brought up the same way, Am I a monster and are my parents? You can love your brother without vilifying another. Kim, you are a Catholic, what does your religion say about this issue---or are you as I suspect, like a lot of us, "cafeteria catholics" who pick and chhose what doctrine they want to follow and simply "pay" on the way out... Are you now going to say that the Pope (and OBAMA for that matter) is a bigot because he believes in heterosexual marriage? Or is it just easier to hop on the media bandwagon? For he record, I feel you are a person who believes in "freedom of choice" as long as the "choice" is one that you would make. You cannot define Catholic by your own standards, we are the followers. I also believe good people who never formally worship will enter heaven. Agree to disagree. I am horrified about some people's stance on abortion but I FIRMLY believe in their right to have an opinion. What would you do if every person in this country was vilified and harassed because they were pro-choice? What if they were asked a question about their OPINION of abortion and when they said they believed in it they were hunted down like prey and were told their views were the "wrong" ones? I am ardently pro-life but I would never defend my beliefs by harrassing people into believing it, everyone deserves the "right" to voice their opinion. Right now Carrie Prejean is paying for that right. Funny though how after the Dixie Chicks voiced their opinion back in 2003 and those of us on the right did not agree with their opinion on the war and refused to buy their CDs, WE were the haters. For the record I felt the Chicks were entitled to their opinion--why isn't Carrie Prejean?, she was asked for her OPINION that day--are opinions supposed to be rehearsed in order to please others or are they something to hold true to regardless of the consequenses?
Mary Beth