Sunday, June 15, 2014

Karate Girl Street Fight: Why Women Should Train

This video shows actual technique we learn in the dojo in traditional Karate - in "bunkai" or application. It's choreographed, of course, but conveys the message that Karate is about self-defense and having an arsenal of ideas to fall back on in case of emergency.  Few of us will ever be in a street fight with 5 or more attackers. But any of us can face an attack coming out of the grocery store, the mall or even in our own homes. Get your daughters into a dojo. Join yourself. I was 47 when I first put on a gi.  You don't have to be fit or thin to start - you just have to have a desire to work hard, learn and practice at your own pace and level.  


Life With Autism and Bipolar said...

I did Taekwondo for years. I loved it. The only problem is the cost. Would get back into it in a heartbeat.

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I like a fight

Dhimanendu Sarkar said...
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marylynn said...

My son who has autism did Taekwondo. The instructor was so wonderful as was the class-very supporting. One thing about having a child with autism is we feel pain but we do see the kindness in others. I hope you will join us at a social network site for those with autism and those that love them: I created it for my son and his friends-but I think it is mostly the moms!

Charles D. Mancuso said...

Karate is a striking art. As such, its advantages lie at a medium distance, just out of opponent's reach. It utilizes limited throwing, joint locks and grappling, thus its practitioner if you want to know more about karate please visit Best karate in Connecticut training center.

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