Thursday, November 22, 2012

Kim Stagliano's Mad Men Thanksgiving

I asked a question on Facebook - how did I manage to have a perfectly clean stove top (yeah, yeah, cook top but stove sounds more retro) when we hadn't eaten the turkey yet - it was still roasting. "Turkey about to come out if the oven. How is my cook top this clean? Where are the side dishes? No I did not buy them premade. Vowels in name remember? The pans are all cleaned and put away. What is my secret? Stay tuned."   Here's the answer:

We might think we have it "easy" in 2012 - so many conveniences. But 1969 is where it's at Chez Stag today, Thanksgiving. (Happy TG, BTW.) I made all of my side dishes early this afternoon. And then I took them and placed them on my Salton HotTray from the mid 1960s - a purchase I gleefully made this summer in the Cerebral Palsy Thrift shop where my kids go to speech therapy.  For about $25 I think. $125 on ebay - suckers!

Oh yes, Don Draper lives on in my heart even if he is off the air until Spring. The Salton HotTray would be verboten in 2012. "Too dangerous! Too hot! The children!!!" Meanwhile, your kids with cool fingers and no burn marks are online with Freddie, Jason and Elmo and God knows who else at any time of day or night. (Not YOUR children, of course. THEIR children - the bad ones.) The entire surface of this rolling tea cart of retro deliciousness gets HOT - really hot. It even has a circular area for a coffee pot. Yeah, perk me up! So my side dishes have been happily staying steaming hot while I completed the turkey and gravy.

In other news, my children might not be my own. They will NOT drink champagne! I cracked open a bottle of bubbly for dinner and Bella pushed a taste away after half a sip, Gianna ran away and Mia turned away.  Our Sound of Music Moment ends in a flop. More for Mom - who was drinking the hard stuff in 6th grade - but you know that if you've read my book.

So - Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Here's to hot food and lots of it.  Off to feed my Rat Pack.

Love, KIM


Lori Orrico said...

That is FANTASTIC Kim! Martha Stewart's got nothing on you ... let's see her cook, clean, hot glue something onto something else AND diffuse a meltdown/clean up a crapisode! You go girl and HAPPY THANKSGIVING to you and yours!

Anonymous said...

You gave/tried to give your kids Champagne? Seriously? Hope that was a joke.

Kim Rossi Stagliano said...

Only after they had smoked their joints completely. I'm a very good mother.

Anonymous said...

LOL, Kim! Very nice comeback. What is wrong with giving your kids a sip of champagne? It's completely normal in Europe, where my parents are from. We had little sips of wine and champagne when I was growing up, and we did not grow up to be raging alcoholics, nor did we sneak out of the house and drink when we were teenagers. Geez, if you treat alcohol like it's sinful to even try it, then your kids will think it's "cool" to rebel against, and then you will have a huge problem on your hands. Just my opinion. I don't think Kim did anything wrong.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 7:53. You are also a typical person without a severe neurological deficit. If you sipped wine as a kid that's a bit different from kids with autism drinking it. It obviously has nothing to do with them growing up to be raging alcoholics.

Very surprising behavior coming from a mother who is so strict with diet, biomed, vaccines and so on. Who would ever try to make an autistic child drink booze? Scary IMO.

Mary Kay Winston-Pennington said...

I have a Salton warming tray that was my Mom's. I have the original box with a 1958 insert!
The tea cart warming tray that you have is awesome--my husband is asking for my Christmas list and now I have something to put on it.
Loved your books, please write another Kat book ASAP.
Thanks---have a great Christmas