Friday, January 08, 2010

Autism Speaks Autism Forum

Please join me to tell Congressman Himes how autism has affected you and/or your family and what you need now and in the future. KIM

Moderated by Congressman Jim Himes (D-4)

Saturday January 23
2:00 – 4:00
Darien Library
Community Room



Peter Bell, Autism Speaks Executive Vice President Programs and Services
Father to a child with autism

Senator Bob Duff Connecticut State Senator representing Darien and Norwalk

Dr. James McPartland Assistant Professor, Yale Autism Program

Julie Swanson Special Education Advocate
Mother to a child with autism

Kim Stagliano Managing Editor Age of Autism
Mother to three children with autism


Anonymous said...

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Oh I see Peter Bell will be there. That uselss man who makes thousands doing nothing. Autism Speaks has and continues to do nothing productive for our kids, but they sure know how to raise the money for uselss studies and big salaries. No thanks.

jess wilson said...

I really respect the fact that you'll be there, Kim. It's so necessary to communicate all of the different perspectives on and impacts of autism to the nation's decision makers. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Maybe someone on the panel can ask Peter Bell just what the heck he does for $240,000 a year besides making sure people donate to Autism Speaks. I think it's obvious.

Jill said...

AS is letting you on the panel Kim?

Well I'll be!

This ought to be interesting.

Kim Rossi Stagliano said...

I'm still my blunt charming self about where I have issues with AS -scientific research, non-stop fundraising to us poor folk, fancy digs.... But - I've also praised much of their awareness campaign - and their insurance work. They have the $$ to pay the lobbyists to get insurance on the radar screen. It's a start.

I try (in my grown up moments) to remember a phrase told to me by a boss/dear friend many years ago, "Don't punish progress." And if by being on this panel I can raise some questions that will help my kids and others in CT - and ADULTS with autism too (they are very much on my radar screen) I'm happy to do it.

I like Jim Himes - we've met a couple of times. The more I become a person to him, my kids become real people to him - and that ain't bad.

Roger Kulp said...

So what can those of us who can't make it to Connecticut do?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I saw your interview on CNN, and I really cannot believe what I saw. I do not understand how you can defend Andrew Wakefield despite the fact that it is known he fabricated data. I cannot understand how you can believe there is a link between vaccines and autism despite dozens of studies that show no statistically significant link between the two.

You claim to say that the case of your children is 'proof' of your claims, but a sample size much larger than three children who came from the same gene pool is needed. These studies have been done and suggest a link between genetics and autism. You have only your DNA to blame, not a vaccine.

Your scare tactics will only endanger the lives of children and public safety as a whole. As I'm sure you are aware, an outbreak of measles occurred in the UK because the rates of vaccination fell below what is needed for herd immunity, and as a result children died. That is the only real result of your moral panic: misinformation and a threat to public safety.

I feel bad that your children have such a closed minded mother who doesn't care about how to treat them or how to cure/prevent their 'disorder', but who only cares about preaching her beliefs blindly like a missionary.

PS - A statistical review of medical records is technically a study. It is quite obvious you have no background in science or medicine, so you should really not act like you do. You just endanger public health and safety, as well as the future well-being of your children by being so closed minded. To me that is child endangerment, and those innocent kids should be taken from you and given to someone who will give them care that is accepted by the medical community.

Anonymous said...

Anon-it's too bad YOUR children have such a sheep of a mother who will keep following Big Pharma. Crawl back into your clueless hole.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:39-you are a rude person who is no doubt some freak from the ND movement who does little to nothing for their child.

Keep sitting back and "accepting the wonderful world of autism" and watch what your child is like as an adult! You are a total loser.